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Welcome to the PALM SCRIPTURES webpage.

These documents are viewed with FREE software:

Palm Bible Plus.
Palm Bible Plus Home Page
Palm OS 3.5 and up

This Symbian version of Bible+ can run on any UIQ version of Symbian PDA Phone including P800 and P900.
Does NOT support Arabic, Chinese, Greek, or Hebrew.

s60Bible Home Page
This version of Bible+ can run on Nokia s60 series mobile phones.
Does NOT support Arabic or Chinese.


English Language

Holy Koran English

Holy Koran
Yusuf Ali Quran
Pickthall Koran
Shakir Koran
Noble Quran
Khalifa Quran

Prayer times for Palm OS.

More Languages

Holy Koran Arabic

Arabic Koran
Dutch Koran
French Koran
German Koran
Indonesian Koran
Italian Koran
Spanish Koran
Turkish Koran
Another Turkish Koran


Of special interest is the Bible in Basic English
and the Greek New Testament (UBS3).
These translations have removed some of the alterations
that were made in the Bible.

Compare these verses in the BBE with the King James Version.
1 Timothy 3:16 and 1 John 5:7-8

English Language

American King James
American Standard Version
Bible in Basic English
Conservative Version
Common Edition NT
Douay-Rheims w/Apoc
Douay-Rheims Challoner Revision
God's Living Word
Grammer Uses Version
Hebrew Names Version
Joseph Smith Translation
Jubilee Bible
JPS 1917
King James Version - "Upgraded"
King James Version (Full 79 books)
KJV Red Letter Edition
Revised King James NT
Living Oracles NT
English Trans. LXX
Combined Eng. LXX/Weymouth NT
Montgomery's NT
Murdock's Trans. of Syriac Pershitta
Revised Standard Version
Revised Websters
Tischendorf's Spurious Passages
Twentieth Century Translation NT
Tyndale's NT
Voice in the Wilderness
World English Bible (Link)
Weymouth's NT
Youngs Literal Translation
The Message(Link)

More Languages

Arabic Bible
Chinese Traditional
Chinese Simplified
More Chinese Versions(Link)
Danish NT
Dutch Statenvertaling
Dutch Bible
Equadorian Shuar NT
French Haitian Creole
French Bible
German 1545 Luther
German Elberfelder 1871
German Elberfelder 1905
German 1912 Luther
Klingon Language Version
Indonesian Bible
Manx Bible
Moari (New Zealand)
Modern Greek
Norwegian Bible
Portuguese JFA
Portuguese Bible
Romanian, Biblia Cornilescu
Russian Bible
Spanish Sagradas Escrituras
Spanish Reina-Valera
Swahili NT
Swedish Bible
Tagalog Bible
Turkish New Testament
Phonetic Bible for Learning English
Uma NT


Ancient Languages

Greek Bible (LXX/UBS3)
Greek New Testament (UBS3)
UBS3 Parsed
Greek OT (LXX)
Combined Greek NT
Interlinear Greek NT
Textus Receptus Parsed
Byzantine Greek Parsed
Westcott-Hort Greek Parsed
Hebrew OT
Latin Vulgate
Interlinear Fonts (Link)


Barnes Commentary
Clarke's Commentary
Darby's Translation Notes
Family Bible Notes
Gill's Commentary
Geneva Translation Notes
Jamison, Fausset, Brown Commentary
Matthew Henry (Concise)
Matthew Henry (Complete)
People's New Testament
Robertsons Word Pictures NT
Scofield Notes
Wesley Notes



Apostolic Fathers
The Nag Hammadi Library
The Works of Philo
Philo in Greek(Link)
Works of Josephus (Preliminary)
Josephus in Greek and English
Books of Enoch
Book of Jasher
Epistle to the Laodiceans
The Iliad in Greek(Link)


Cross Reference Database

Bible Dictionaries for BDicty below.
American Tract Society Bible Dictionary
Animals of the Bible
Easton's Bible Dictionary
Hitchcock Bible Names
Smith's Bible Dictionary
Strong's Greek Lexicon
Strong's Hebrew Lexicon
Thompson Dictionary
Torrey Bible Dictionary
More dictionaries at



Palm Bible Plus Bibles Page
Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic Modules
Primary Biblical Texts Page
Hoshie Space: Joshua Holman's Homepage
Gary Chan Page
Bible Dictionaries for BDicty on David Mohn's Site
Gospel Share
Handheld Classics
Palm Sunday
Griello's PalmBible+ Page
Anton's PalmBible+ Pagina


Bible software for non-Palm OS users.

{PLEASE NOTE: The modules available above can not be viewed with the software listed below.}

Go Bible .
Go Bible is a Free Bible viewer application for Java phones (J2ME MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0).


BlackBerry Noah Bible Study Viewer .
Noah Bible Study Viewer is a Free Bible viewer application for for BlackBerry smart phones.


Pocket e-Sword .
Pocket e-Sword is developed for the
Microsoft Pocket PC platforms.


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